Why Flexible Seating?

final pic

Just imagine being seated for about 7 hours on a hard chair every single day. Imagine being 7-years old and being told to remain seated still while doing your work! Children need and deserve flexible and alternative seating in an environment where they spend almost the whole day every week. Don’t you think? Well, I decided to join many teachers across the United States who are changing the way children learn at school.

As a teacher, I believe that by providing flexible, soft, and alternative seating to little ones, they would be able to move, release their energy, be happier, and more comfortable while doing their work. Now, just imagine little ones coming to school knowing that they will be learning in a kid-friendly environment. They need and deserve to feel at home, after all, school IS their second home!

This is the one stop to get all the ideas and resources of this train on which teachers are jumping in daily!

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