Introducing the MEMBERSHIP!

This membership is for YOU, if you are ready to transform ONE THING in your teaching or learning space each month! This membership is NOT about giving you information, each month there will be a TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE! Bonus: You will access ALL my resources and services! All this for $5 a month! This month: AsContinue reading “Introducing the MEMBERSHIP!”

Standing Desk!

“Rather than trying to get children to sit still and stop fidgeting, we must design learning spaces that embrace children’s movement and action as NECESSARY          prerequisites for developing attention.”  The Curiosity Classroom, pg. 132                                       CheckContinue reading “Standing Desk!”

Classroom Reveal!

Brain research made me do it! I have been reading a lot about how to apply neuroscience in the classroom and decided to make small changes that would help my students learn better! All of what you see here is listed here! Follow me on and let me know what you think! Or downloadContinue reading “Classroom Reveal!”

Because you asked for it!

Hello friends, many of you have asked from where I bought the items for my Flexible Seating classroom! Well, I will tell you and I will give you the links too! The rocket is from The Land of Nod The couch is from Amazon: The cute and bright lights on around the stage:Continue reading “Because you asked for it!”