Tour of my TOTALLY FLEXIBLE SEATING classroom!

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Flexible Seating more than seating!

Please, provide your students with options to move! They need it! Kravitz Ph.D. (2009), on the British Medical Journal, says that even if children exercise in the morning or evening, but sit the rest of the day at a desk, rarely getting up, they would be at risk for significant and unhealthy blood vessel changesContinue reading “Flexible Seating more than seating!”

Why Flexible Seating?

Today’s schools are no different than the ones in the 1800s! “Well, wait!” you might say, “A lot has changed since then, curriculum has changed, seating arrangement has changed, discipline has changed, books, technology, resources, many things have changed!” Unfortunately, one everything has not changed, and that is the sitting requirement that we impose onContinue reading “Why Flexible Seating?”